♥ MissAPPPZ ♥

I understand girls talk behind my back.. But the thing is... I'm real and that's something they lack.

Hi everyone! My name is ANN PORTIA MENESES. Others call me by my first name... some by my second name. But I preferred to be called APPLE.

I love making friends even with strangers.. At first they say I look snob... but I'm not. | I'm a very talkative person but can be very shy at times. | I hate it when people judge me without knowing me.

i can sing | i can dance | i can cook | i can draw.. sometimes | i can be your bestest friend, but may be your worst nightmare too. haha! just kidding.

i love my camera | i am a cam freak ‎| i love to take pictures | i am a frustrated photographer if i may say. lol :))

I’m not saying I’m perfect — I’m far from it. I’m just saying I’m worth it. ♥

So sweet of my Honey. I Love You So Much!!!

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